Luvittaka Marielee Dottson Newell.

When my sister became pregnant I was happily married with two dogs, two houses, a good career, and vacations on the calendar. When she needed a place to stay, we welcomed her into our home. When she started picking out names for her baby, we discouraged her ebonic creations. When she gave birth, she gave birth to my daughter, and gave her a name I would not have chosen in a million years. Now I have no dogs (due to bitty’s allergies), have no homes I own (prefering to live with less things and less financial obligations), work sometimes, travel often, and couldn’t be more pround or happy to be the mother of Luvittaka Marielee Dottson Newell.

Luvittaka is my girl. She goes by Bitty. I received full custody of my neice when she was one and half years old. I had been divorced and living a nomadic lifestyle (ski-bum, kayak instructor, bartender) for a year. I thought that taking on this new role, motherhood, would be the end of those kind of adventures. I was wrong. Just last year on October 8th, we adopted each other.

Bitty is beautiful. She is mixed- black and white- with skin the color of caramel, perfect curly hair that is golden in the sun, a magical smile, and a heart of gold. In the summer her blond peach fuzz creates the illusion that fairies have covered her in pixie dust, and she sparkles. She is my adventure girl.

She was two years old when she got in her first pair of skiis, 3 when she went indoor skydiving, at 4 she was excited to go ziplining above the cloud forest in Mindo, Ecuador, and just this summer she jumped off the bow of boat into the frigid waters of the puget sound. I have so many stories to tell about her. Which I’m sure other parents will love and appreciate. But for those without children, I have good stories for you too.

I am blogging to maintain this lifestyle that we have embraced. One of adventure and pura vida, minimalism in the fullest way possible. I want to share my story and inspire others to do the same. To dream it, to live it, to inspire others by sharing it!


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