blogging frustrations!!

I just spent the last hour writing. I clicked save. And I lost all of my work!!!!! Is 9:00 am too early to go to a bar and drown my sorrows?!?

So now, that will be my fish that got away. It was perfect. The most beautiful blog ever written. You should have seen it, the print seemed to rise right off the page and dance in glolden splendor before the readers eyes. The words were expertly chosen, the prose poetic, had it not been lost it surely would have been discovered and turned into a best-selling novel and then a box-office hit.

And so my sorrow is for you, world. I am sorry you have missed the opportunity to witness the magic of perfect blogging.

I’ll think I’ll have tea instead of whiskey. And try to rewrite the stories. But don’t expect it to be anywhere near as wonderful as the work that was just lost.


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