Come Join the Circus!

Today I sent an application to DisneyParis. Why? Because I think it could be a fun experience. To be a Princess for real (and I already have the dress). I’ll keep you posted…

I was thinking the other day day about the comedy that life is. Every single person performs a juggling and balancing act of some kind every day. Life is a circus! People live and die and eat popcorn and laugh at the clowns.

Consider your act: mother? father? single? dating? working? student? professional?

Now consider what you juggle: kids, work, meals, chores, money, bills, schedules, exercise, health, vacations, friends, time, plans, relationships…

All while balancing on the fine tightropes of:


who I am_____________who I want to be


We are all artists!! We perform daily!!

Well I applaud us. I applaud you. And I choose to embrace the circus life. If we are going to be the circus we might as well make it a great one!

So I will travel. And dream. My tent will be lit with foreign stars. Warm sand and glowing phosphorescence will cover the floor. Monkeys will serve ice cream. Salt water showers will spray from palm trees. We will ski down to turtle bays. We will ride night trains and dine with emperors. My daughter will wear glitter dresses and ride white ponies. I will hang flowering vines from the tightropes, juggle kite strings, and fly through the air with the greatest of ease whenever possible. We will fill balloons with laughter and sell them for a penny.

If a circus life is, then a grand circus ours shall be.

YOU. who juggles. who balances on a tightrope. who is an artist.

Can you dream up a better act than the one you are now in?

Will you join me?

Next stop: DisneyParis, in my dress or theirs ; )


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