On Bungee Jumping

The sun shines bright on the bridge in the distance, THE BRIDGE THAT YOU WILL JUMP FROM.

You walk and walk and find yourself there, mid-bridge, a rushing river below.

You sign a waiver that says you understand the risks: INJURY and even DEATH.

Young guys make jokes about people dying, and then they tell you that they must verify your weight. Huh!?

You take off your shoes and stand on a scale. Once off, relief floods your viens just to have that over with.

You step into a harness and they tighten the straps around your waist and chest.

Bungees are connected to a carabiner connecting your waist and chest straps.

From your stomach is your new life line, a red bungee cord, 500 times the size of your original life line that was cut the day you were born. A cord that your mother would not be happy to see on her baby.

A young guy double checks his friends work, and then holds the cord while you climb over the rail onto the platform.

You turn away from them. They tell you to put your toes on the edge. You do.

They count down… 3…2…1… JUMP

And somehow you do! YOU JUMP!!!

Blue Sky, Evergreens, You FLY!

River, river, river, You FALL!

And just when you think you will fall forever, your lifeline catches you in an elastic embrace and sends you to FLY again.

You fly and fall until the bounce becomes a swing, a hook is lowered down and you connect it to yourself.

Once hooked you are pulled up, back onto the bridge.

They ask if you want to go again, backwards. YOU DO! but you don’t know why moments later as you are FALLLLLLLLLLLINGGGGG!!!!! Sky, green, trees, blue, everything is a blurr and the sound of the river grows beneath you…

But then you are wonderfully caught again and sent back up to FLY!

AND THAT my friends is how you catch it, like a disease with only one remedy, one temporary fix, the disease known only to the people who know what it feels like to fly, the bug that makes you keep going back for more.



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