Stop Waiting. Start Living.

My life changed forever with the loss of my brother.

Nick died 6 years ago.

He was 23.

We live in this illusion that we have lots of time. We count minutes at work hoping that the hours will pass more quickly. We sit in traffic drumming our thumbs on the steering wheel, moving slowly, in the mad rush to get home. And we rush home to do what? to sit in front of televisions and watch other people live their dreams. Then to bed, then up early to do it again.


I don’t have time to live a life of mediocrity. I am 31, I have lived 8 years longer than my brother did. I miss him. And I choose to let that change me.

I KNOW that time is short, that life is precious, that we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

Do you KNOW that? Do you make CHOICES that reflect that knowlege?

What are you waiting for?

NOW is the only time we have. NOW IS YOUR TIME.

Stop waiting. Start living.


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