Wet Wipes: The Traveler’s Treasure

It took living in a van for me to realize the full benefits of the much under-appreciated wet wipe.
Sure, I had used it for my daughter when she was still in diapers, and yes I was once in a community theater play and learned that the wet wipe is the first step in removing stage make up.

But did you know that wet wipes can be used for getting bug spray out of your eyes?

Or that they are great for cleaning layers of dirt off of the inside of your vehicle after getting lost in the Mexican desert?

When the outdoors is your toilet, wet wipes somehow make you feel clean. When you’ve gotten up to pee in the middle of the night and accidentally get some on your leg, the wet wipe simply erases that mistake.

They keep your underwear cleaner for longer!

We used wet wipes to wash our faces daily, and sometimes even our bodies, if we hadn’t found a shower to rinse off the salt water from swimming in the ocean, a wet wipe would suffice.

If you ever forget to clean the knife off after making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, no worries! Days later you can just use a wet wipe and it comes right off.

They are a must for a man after being under the hood of the car.

And wet wipes are so international. In every country in Central America through which we traveled, wet wipes were easily found, and inexpensively purchased.

It is not just mothers who should travel with wet wipes, and I’m sure it is not, if you come across any seasoned or experienced looking traveler in the airport or while on the road- don’t be surprised to find that they already carry a pack of wet wipes somewhere on their person.

Wet wipes truly are the traveler’s treasure.


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