Oh Zig- Am I Rich or Poor?

“Rich people have small TVs and big libraries, poor people have small libraries and big TVs.” -Zig Ziglar

I like this idea. I choose both!… I mean neither!… I mean… huh??

I’m not sure if I even care.


I watch reality TV all the time, in 4D. The WORLD around me is pretty entertaining, for those of you who did not already know this, go outside! There is BEAUTY to be found, ADVENTURES to be had. There are thousands of channels to visit, not just to watch, but to see and touch and smell. My favorite programs are warm tropical beaches, and snow covered ski slopes. I occasionally will enjoy browsing through ancient ruins or bustling foreign cities. I love to learn about and interact with animals, that’s a reality show that is always exciting to share with my daughter. I teach her that it is important to sample new foods and be immersed in different cultures, to try on the shoes or the glasses of another and then go somewhere you’ve never been or see something in a whole new way. Just about every channel is educational, and its not even possible to end a show feeling like you have wasted an hour of your life. I choose to watch 4D! From a hammock, a surf board, a ski lift, a mountain top, an airplane window, a rainbow van window : ) I’m always watching. My TV is HUGE.

My Library is TINY and ENDLESS.

I always have a book to read, and when I am done I trade it for a new one. I put one down and pick one up– at a coffee shop, a library, a bookstore, a friends house, a hotel, or a hostel. I have done this all over the world. And because my selection is sometimes limited, I have read many books that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I even read a book in German once (understanding not a word) : ) Give me your recommendation and I will give you mine, you will become a partner in my INCREDIBLY BIG AND SMALL Library, and you too can take it wherever you go.


So I don’t have a small TV or a big library. Some might call me poor.

But I travel with freedom and experience things that most people never will. Others would call me rich.

This pile of books was sitting on the side of a road in Libertad, Ecuador.

This pile of books was sitting on the side of a road in Libertad, Ecuador.


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