RVA Journal Costa Rica 2

Monday Feb 10th. Costa Rica
We have now been at Savory/Prado home for 4 days. We arrived Thursday by bus. Wes and Marbelly picked us up and brought us to their beautiful home overlooking San Jose, where they have cows, sheep, dogs, wifi, and hot water. Friday morning we went to the US Embassy, waited for hours, and were given a phone number of the man who should be able to help us. Friday night we went out to a bar called the Beach House with Marbelly, Uli and his girlfriend Esther. Saturday was the mall and dress shopping for a dress Marbelly could wear to a wedding, then I skyped with my mom and we had a movie night, watching 127 Hours projected on a huge wall. Sunday morning we were up early to go to the farm. Two hours away, up and down two mountains, no 4 wheel drive, winding roads, beautiful views, riding in the back of the truck, covered in dirt. We spent a nice day on their family’s farm. We did some trail walking, threw rocks, drank home grown coffee with fresh milk from their cows and sugar cane from their land. We found a little snake that kept striking at Gauthier. It has been so great to have this family welcome us as their guests, but I am ready to go.

Saturday. Feb 15th.
Marbelly’s birthday. Back in Panama. Over the past week we did a lot of waiting. Cooked aroz con pollo for many old people who prayed and sang to the nativity. Went sheep shopping. Cut each other’s hair. Epilated. Went to a bar to watch soccer. Visited the French embassy. Met the agent Alan who is supposed to help us.
Waited. Waited.
And now we have regressed–back across the same border. 6 hours driving south. Friday. Traffic. 7 people in a truck.
But we did ride in the back once it became dark.
Gauthier, Marbelli, and me. 3 big kids laying in a pick up bed under a full moon.
–playful clouds, stars and palm trees speckling the night sky. It was great fun until it became cold. Then back into the truck. Swam today in a big pool. Bitty and Jimena practiced diving. We all sat on each others shoulders. fun.


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