RVA Journal Costa Rica

January 29th. Wednesday
Last night we were all up at 3 am due to Bitty’s wheezing. She was so funny. She spent 30 minutes telling and retelling us about what was happening right then, until Gauthier said “shouldn’t you tell us this later?” We laughed.
So now we are well situated on the beach in Dominical, CR. Probably the best spot, well shaded, two tables, hammock, rocks and wood all around for the fire. The ocean here is bath water warm. Two minutes away is a river, with signs warning of crocodiles : ) but there is clay there and yesterday Bit and I had fun doing masks etc… This is our second day here, we may stay for several days more… (Gauthier is right now making a treasure map for Bit to help her find a toy he saw on the beach)
Our stay in Panama was short lived. After having the Rainbow Van, RV, for only 4 days, we were stopped at a checkpoint and sent to customs to leave the van until Monday when the office would be opened. We spent a nice weekend waiting. Our hostel had a pool and a cheap bar, but on Monday we spent 5 hours at Customs and then we were escorted to the border, apparently they wanted our “illegally” purchased van gone asap.
So 3 months since we left the USA and now we are back where we started. Costa Rica, with it’s endless stretches of palm lined beaches, lush jungles, cool breezes, unforgiving sunshine, exquisite sunsets, and American prices. Only 90 days ago we all huddled on the same bed, myself crying, in a house full of bugs…

Friday January 31st
Woke up on a beautiful beach with the sun beaming through the palms that surrounded our van/home. 200 kilometers and several hours later, we are above the clouds at Volcan Irazu. The sunset seemed to last for hours as we made camp. Magnificent spot. Tomorrow morning we will walk to the crater and hope to see the Caribbean and Pacific below us. It is very cold here, we had to get warm clothes out and will use blankets for the first time tonight. Brrrr. We are now cooking rice as that is all we have, and then will likely read and go to bed. Today was a good day.

Pura Vida:
Cool breeze
The surf crashes
A swinging hammock bids me come
The sun reaches out to the sea
A bird calls
I would answer

Monday. Feb. 3. Super Bowl Sunday
Second day in Puerto Limon. Using the wifi to watch Netflix. Yesterday discovered theres not much to do in this town. We went to Playa Bonita looking for a sports bar. It was cold and rainy and not very bonita. We hitch-hiked and were picked up by a police bus. Some of the same cops we already knew. They took us to a restaurant with a big TV where we watched some pre game. Then back to the hotel to have our own Superbowl Party. Hawks win. After Irazu Volcano, we drove here to the Caribbean coast, were stopped by police and had our van taken away again. Tomorrow we hope to get it back. Fingers crossed.
Poem titled “womp”
Driving along, happy, carefree
Almost there, our party of three
Stopped by the cops, sent to the side
No way to fight it, they are taking our ride
Day turns to dusk, bugs swarm
Tears well up, my cheeks become warm
Again we are told that we must pack our bags
F*ck, what luck, what a drag.
Gauthier smokes. I cry. Bit sings.


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