RVA Journal Nicaragua

Sunday. March 9th.
San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua.
$180 to cross the border because of the 4 guys who “helped.” They actually gave us no choice. Back on the road.
Drove 8 hours yesterday.
Spent all of last week trying to get the van. Arrived at Limon where we were told the great news! Wednesday at 3pm we would be getting the van back-no taxes no ticket! So we went to Cahuita for two nights to wait.
Cahuita National Park was amazing. Saw my first sloth! a pit viper, monkeys, a tucan, swam in the caribbean-gauthier’s first time. Walked a long trail parallel to the beach in the jungle.
Back to Limon Wednesday- waited from 8am to 5pm- still no van…

…Thursday 8am till 5pm- no van, but papers for Encaspi (the customs warehouse where they they hold illegal vehicles) We take a taxi to Encaspi and are told that we will not be getting the van until the next day. It has begun to grow dark, it is raining, and they tell us we must leave. There are no hotels within walking distance and no taxi’s or buses passing. I ask if we can just sleep in our van since we have the paperwork claiming our right to leave with it. After an initial no and then several phone calls, we are given permission to sleep in our van again! We are happy to be back in our bed, locked in and surrounded by a chain link and barbed wire fence : )

Friday March 7th, at 3pm- WE GOT THE VAN BACK!!!! Drove 3 hrs from Limon to Heredia, cleaned, packed etc… left early in the morning saying goodbye to Costa Rica. Once here in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, we drove circles and circles around and through this party town looking for a quiet spot to sleep. We ended up back at the first spot we had found : ) On the beach, by a river, near a pool with wifi, and next to a miniature Golden Gate bridge. Fell asleep to loud club music. Woke up to loud club music. Good morning party people.

Tues March 11 Nicaragua
We lie on a plastic-sheet covered bed, under a fan that is next to a red light bulb. Mirrors line the peach colored walls and a massage chair sits in the corner. On the folded towels sat a condom and luricant. Ooops.
Our clean van (because Gauthier just washed it) is parked under a big avacado tree and we have a safe place and shower for the night. Bitty is quite taken with herself in the mirrors, so, no harm no foul…

journal entry…
last night we stayed in Leon Bigfoot Hostel and Volcano Boarding which boasted the coolest kids in town, loud Indie music, and a foot- shaped pool. Pizza for dinner, banana pancakes for breakfast. We drove to the beaches, found no place to park, so decided to drive north. Yesterday we toured Granada by van, a pretty city painted brightly- with colonial carved doors opening to hidden courtyards of green. Tomorrow we will leave this country.


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