RVA Journal El Salvador

Friday March 14th. El Salvador.
The sun rises on Playa Esteron.
The beach stretches flat and pristine for miles.
Birds swoop and dive and dodge the waves.
Fishing boats scatter the shore.
What looks like a pirate ship sails in the distance.
The park we have found, Rio Mar, is right on the beach, has showers and bathrooms, is shaded by palm trees, and only $5 a night.
We’ll stay here a couple of days…

Two nights ago we were on a beach in Honduras, Cedena.
It was pretty but too rough for swimming, so Bit spent the day swimming in a little river that we were parked next to with a group of local kids. At one point they were all black from covering themselves in clay they had found. Cooking there was a funny experience. A crowd of adults and kids gathered round and watched as I squatted at our coleman stove on the ground. Cooked carrots, broccoli, and 2 lbs of ground beef is apparently not a normal supper in Honduras : )

Crossing the border was relatively easy, the problem being that if you don’t want to wait in line for hours with the semi-trucks, then you basically need an off road vehicle to get anywhere. After a minor accident and the tightest squeezes between trucks imaginable, we arrived at immigration.

Goodbye Honduras. Hello El Salvador.

Yesterday was sweaty sweaty hot. And the park where we are staying was empty last night. So I took a shower under the palms and stars. It was lovely. Bit and then Gauthier followed suit. The moon shone bright on the crashing waves. The stars shone as the clouds told stories. My toes itch to feel the water. But my baby sleeps and I will wait.

On the Road We See: many cows, horses, and lately-pigs, women with baskets on their heads, men on carts with donkeys, children in school uniforms, people lazing in hammocks, fruit for sale, volcanos

Saturday March 15th.

Yesterday, Bit and I woke up with the birds. We both had a cup of milk and a PBJ for breakfast, then swimsuits on, and to the beach. First we laid in the shallows and let the waves wash over us. Then the wind made us very cold so we decided to dry off and make castles. Bit made a snowman and then a castle that we decorated with beautiful sea shells. I made a rocket ship. The sand here is super sparkly and we love it. The water is warm, the waves gentle. I took a nap on the hammock. Gauthier inflated the Nivea Air Mattress (that came with the van) and took Bit to swim again. We played frisbee. We played in the waves. Then we did more laying in the sand. While Bit and I made a new castle (the kind where you drip the sand on top of itself until it is tall and gothic looking) Gauthier made her a watermelon helmet : )

In the morning he spent time working under the van, in the afternoon he worked on top of it. Every time Bit was wet and cold yesterday she would go lay in the empty pool. It is now full and she is of course there. Oh yeah, and Gauthier also put a chicken to sleep today.


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