RVA Journal Guatemala

Wednesday March 19th. Antigua, Guatemala

We left our nice beach hostel in El Zonte yesterday. There we used wifi and swam in the two pools, Bit got to watch cartoons, and they had 3 parrots and 1 green macaw. The drive to the border was about 2 hours–and magnificent- a winding cliff road looking over the ocean, passing little villages, shooting through black tunnels and then out into the brilliant sunshine and sea views. The border, as usual, was not so pretty.

The “Guate” customs did not like our paperwork and so needed and “agent” $30 and a lawyer $70 to create something more official than the documents we carried. So Bit got to go on her first motorcycle ride! She and I jumped on with the agent who took us to the lawyer’s tiny bright green office which was not too far down the road. We were sitting there while he spoke on the phone and Bit looked at me, from the oversized wooden rocking chair in which she sat, and said “it’s gonna be two.” I said, “what do you mean?” She responded, “two rides, we gotta go back.” : )

After several hours of waiting in the mid-day heat, we were able to get through customs and back on the road. Guatemala is green and lush- much like Costa Rica. We drove towards the setting sun up into the hills of Antigua. A colonial, cobblestoned town, bordered by three volcanos, the air is cool and the sun shines.  The night was cold but Bitty was warm and we were all able to get some good sleep.

We are camped at the tourist police station, among other camper- travelers. Dinner last night was quiet yet delicious. I had a vegetable dish in a local sauce of pumpkin, cinnamon, pepper, etc… The currency here is the Quetzal 8Q to $1. That is also the name of a bird I would like to see. Oh and note to self- does Kevin Costner sing in concerts? >> I did confirm this as yes.

I just washed dishes with a man in a towel, one of the local tourist police. We shared the sink while he brushed his teeth and shaved.

Friday, March 21. Huehue, Guatemala

We are now traveling with our pet turtle. Paco. The road from Antigua to here was the windiest ever! It took us up into mountain towns with beautiful panoramic views. We drove for 6 hours and seemed to get nowhere. Ate at the embassy (McDonald’s) yesterday for dinner and watched Mary Poppins before bed. Took a freezing shower this morning. Will be in Mexico in a few hours if all goes well at the border…


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