A Letter To God


If you exist and if you then care to be involved in the lives of your creation– if it is indeed your creation– then what do you want from us?

You obviously need nothing. So what could you want from me?

Is it folly to find beauty, to seek it out, and then give praise to the universe for the finding of it?

I do feel that I lack religion. And that I kid myself and others when I profess myself spiritual. But isn’t spirituality really defined subjectively and individually, and therefore expressed just as uniquely as it is defined?

I seek to have a spirit of contentment, of kindness, of adventure, of sincerity– to better myself and those around me as I am able, as best and as often as I am able. To live authentically.

Religion is as one religiously does.

To honor “God” then is perhaps simply to be honorable in all one does…


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