How To Meet A French Lover

I will write this “How To” in numbered steps… but just so you know, as I begin, I’m not sure how long this will go….

1. Schedule time off from work

2. Break up with current, and most likely not french, boyfriend

3. Book vacation to Paris


5. Be happy to be alone

6. Visit museums

7. Go on tours

8. Say yes to strangers who invite you to coffee

9. Say goodbye to those strangers when they become strange

10. Take a selfie or two from the ferris wheel

11. Delete the bad ones

12. Buy fresh squeezed orange juice whenever it is available


14. Wear comfortable shoes, but make sure you still look cute

15. Carry a small backpack with a book, a journal for writing in, a camera, lipstick, etc…


17. Get off on the wrong metro stop and miss the boat tour you were hoping to go on

18. Then go on the later one, the last one of the night

19. Notice the handsome man in his uniform

20. Make eye contact if possible, good solid eye contact

21. Laugh and smile when the boat photographer shoots a photo of you alone, when most others are couples or friends

22. Buy a glass of wine as soon as you can

23. Since you haven’t seen that handsome sailor again, make yourself very visible, no hiding

24. When you notice him going to the bar for a coffee, make your way to him

25. Order another glass of wine

26. And in poor french, ask him who is driving the boat while he has a coffee?…

27. You can even ask him who is driving the “battle” since it sounds similar to “boat” in french, and may get you a smile

28. Talk to him briefly, then let him go away again

29. Remain visible, and be obviously traveling alone


31. Be the last person off of the boat

32. Walk slowly enough to allow the sailor to catch up to you, in case he wants to ask if you’d like to go for a drink

33. When he does, say “I would LOVE to go for a drink with you.”

34. Wait for him to end his shift, even if he takes 20 minutes, but don’t appear eager

35. Allow him to take you on a very long walk along the river (say a quick prayer of thanks that you are wearing comfy shoes)

36. Let him buy you a drink at an empty club on a boat that he thought would be busy and cool

37. Go to the Latin Quarter

38. Eat popcorn, drink wine, if you think he could be your guy, stay with him until the bar closes

39. This is key. Share a cab. Keep your options open. Kiss him to make sure he knows how.

40. Well, at this point, I’ll just say to follow your instincts, even your heart, and if you decide to end the night here, or what has become the early morning : ) Then do make sure to give him your number and email address, since you do probably have at least one more night in Paris. He will try to see you before you go, and you would be crazy not to let him.

…and stay tuned to hear what happens next,

oh, I mean, what could happen next ; )

for someone hoping to meet a french lover…


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