RVA Journal Mexico 2

Now we are sitting in a hotel lobby watching child-superstars on Mexican TV.

From here it is 6 hours to Acapulco which we plan to do tomorrow…

For $12 we get to park here and use the bathroom and shower in one of the unoccupied rooms. Bit and I showered earlier and washed our hair for the first time in over a week : ) It feels so good to be clean. And to be in Mexico!

Wednesday March 26th

Acapulco. It was more like 11 hours to get here, although everyone along the way thought it to be 4 hours away, no matter where we were when asking, ha. Acapulco is a big and very cool city. It looks to have been a swanky place in the 50’s and then never updated. We found a campground with a couple of pools and our own little pool by our spot. The beach is not for swimming but the past two nights we have played in the phosphorescent sand. So MAGICAL!

Our first night here our neighbors invited us to dinner at their campsite. Cajun- big shrimp and seafood and sausage. Susan, the wife who speaks french, made Bitty a grilled cheese sandwich. Yesterday we swam all day and then rode in the back of Juan Grande’s (he is a canadian ex-pat living in the camp full time) truck into town to watch the cliff divers. He took us on a little tour, we had pizza at his favorite place, then watched the 7:30 show. It was pretty incredible.

I was up at 5:30 this morning, under a still dark sky. I took my phone out by the pool so I could use the wifi, layed in the hammock, and got tickets for my mom and papa to meet us in Puerto Vallarta! Two days and we will meet there. We are so excited!

Thursday 27th.

Oh also, on our way to the Playa Luces Campground we were stopped by a corrupt cop. He wanted $100, we gave him $10. Last night was awful. Apparently it’s normal to rent out the pool area for folks to have a private party and live band- until 6am!! Didn’t sleep. Hit the road early and have been driving for 7 hrs, we are now in Mexico’s most dangerous state, Michoacan. It’s about 110 degrees out and we are parked behind a gas station, with the hood up, and the radiator gone. (An hour and $100 later, two local guys were putting our welded part back in the car).

Sunday April 6th

Drove 8 hours yesterday and we are now in Mazatlan. Our day started like any other.

Checked out of the beautiful resort.

Stopped by Walmart for some anti-aging cream.

Fled from the cops…

What else could we do? The officer was beginning to take our license plate so we jumped in the car and drove away. He chased us for a hot minute and then was gone. With a racing heart and an occasional glance in the rearview, I drove through small towns and winding roads until our fears abated and Gauthier re-took the wheel.

Oh I almost forgot! We killed a bird yesterday 😦 it flew right into our windshield.

And as we entered Mazatlan in the dark, fireworks welcomed us- it was super cool.


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