Transcribing a Journal

Well, I just finished typing out the journal I had kept for our Rainbow Van Road Trip Adventure.

And now I can fill in the gaps. Turns out I got really lazy towards the end : )

As I look through pictures I can think of a hundred untold stories– of sounds and smells, of moments that warm my heart, of images that have been burned into my memory…

There was the time I stepped on a lobster. It hurt. It was when we were living in Playa Negra at the bug house. I limped around for days with a sock wrapped around my foot as a bandage.

There was the time Bitty babysat two tiny little puppies in a basket. We were at the beach in Avellanas, and the puppies were completely flea ridden so she bathed them in the ocean : )

There was the time Gauthier came walking up the beach towards us with a broken and bloodied surf-board in his hands. Blood dripped down his arm and we thought for sure he’d been in a shark attack… nope, it had just been a big wave : )

Oh and the rains. We arrived in Costa Rica just at the end of the rainy season, and I’m so glad that we got to enjoy some of it. The mornings were always bright and sunny, but then the clouds would form and gather and the dark sky would open up and empty sheets of rain down on us. Warm and powerful sheets of rain. And then as quickly as it had begun it would finish and the sky would return to the bright blue that it had been just minutes before.

Howler monkeys cried at sunrise and dusk. Several times we were lucky enough to see families of them in the trees. One time I looked up from the book I was reading to see one climbing away from our balcony with a fruit from a little nearby tree.

One night a bat flew into the kitchen and circled around the ceiling before flying into the closet and hanging from the light, Bitty, who is normally fearful of flies, was delighted!

Oh, and at some point I’ll have to write about the flashing plug in that my step dad gave us for keeping bugs away… : )


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