Get Barefoot!

Just as I suspected.

Walking around barefoot is good for you!

But not just around your house, to get the full health benefits your feet must touch the earth.

The scientific term for this is “earthing” or “grounding.”

And NO, the sidewalk doesn’t count. Soil, sand, grass or any natural surface is where earthing takes place.

It is known that the Earth maintains a negative electrical potential on its surface.

When you are in direct contact with the ground, the earth’s electrons are conducted to your body, bringing it to the same electrical potential as the earth.

This increased amount of direct contact with the earth grounds your body and results in favorable conditions for optimal health.

Studies have shown that this increase in electrons can result in lowering inflammation, increasing blood viscosity and circulation, improving sleep, boosting immunity, an increased presence of antioxidants, more energy, less anxiety, the list goes on and on…

And we are leaving out the important element of reflexology! This is the practice of applying pressure to points on the feet that correspond with other organs in the body, releasing congestion or stress in the nervous system and bringing balance to the body’s flow of energy.

To walk barefoot on the earth brings a transference of energy affecting our whole person– mind and body. 

Ever wonder why it feels so good to walk on a beach? Or to lay down in soft green grass?

These are simple things that we seem to do only when on vacation or away from home.

Well, I guess it could do us a whole lot of good to incorporate a little grounding into our daily routine.

So take your shoes off!

And touch the world your beautiful feet!


See the system I use to work online and travel the world… With and without shoes : )


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