The Power of Being Present

I wouldn’t call myself a “yogi,” I’m not even good at being a wanna-be.

I’ve practiced Yoga on and off for the past 10 years.

And it’s only been a couple of weeks since I’ve been back “on” this time around.

But today’s class was awesome. It’s incredible the difference that a good instructor can make. They say the same things as other teachers, but for some reason, when they say it, it rings true. It makes sense. It feels right. And we excel.

What are some common quotes we hear in a Yoga studio?

“Follow Your Breath” “Keep your shoulders away from your ears” “Listen to your body” “Lengthen your spine” “Activate your muscles” “Relax your face” “Move slowly and with purpose” “Set your intentions for the day” “Be present”


Why is it so hard to remember to BE PRESENT?

Especially if you are a traveler or an adventure seeker like myself, it is so easy to set our sights on the horizon. Don’t get me wrong, one of my favorite feelings is buying an airplane ticket, making plans, circling a date on the calendar. But do we sell ourselves short by making that the focus?

After all, shouldn’t the goal be to create a life that we don’t need a vacation from?

I woke up this morning with some apprehension about our upcoming move to France. I had dreamt of things that could go wrong, my excitement was replaced by fear of the unknown.

So when my yoga instructor told us to “be present,” it was as though she said it directly to me.

Wherever you are, THERE YOU ARE. Be there!

I am not moving today. Today I am here. I get to celebrate the holidays with my friends and family. My daughter is happy, she is healthy, she is a wonderful and fortunate girl. Our future is bright, and I don’t have time to waste worrying if we should take our rain boots with us. Because rain is a guarantee, and whether or not we are prepared for that, we will be just fine. But what really will determine the brightness of our days is our ability to BE PRESENT.

Today, something important will happen. And if we are not present, we will miss it.

I challenge myself and YOU to practice the power of being present.

Taking deeper breaths, keeping our heads up and shoulders back, setting our intentions, BEING PRESENT.

When someone is talking, really listen. When giving your kid a hug, do it with your whole spirit. When it is time to share a meal, engage without distraction. When it is time to sleep, allow every part of your body to sink into the bed.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to be your best self.

TODAY is the day to begin being present.

Welcome To Now : )

rainier headstand


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