What did you do today?

I stubbed my pinkie toe last night, really hard : (

This was while watching a pirated version of Frozen that I bought for my daughter last year in Ecuador : )

It hurt bad, and then worse in the morning : (

When I got out of bed and it hurt to walk on it, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to go skiing : (

I decided I could at least try to put my foot in my boot and see how it felt. It felt fine : )

But then I couldn’t find my skis : (

I looked 37 times in every place they could possibly be, and even places they wouldn’t be, like under beds and in the freezer.

I decided I would take a book to the mountain instead : (

But the 38th look in one of the sheds resulted in success! I found them!!!

So I went skiing today. And it was perfect. Blue skies, no wind, soft dry snow.

I love to be on a mountain, closer to the sun, closer to the earth, a special kind of happiness.

My toe still hurts a little, but that’s okay, because I got to go skiing on OPENING DAY!




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