World’s Longest Beach

On the day after Thanksgiving, Bitty and I spent a shoeless day on the beach.

We wanted to do a little earthing even though it was very cold and the walk to the beach was rocky, ha! She is such a trooper.

Not sure when we will be back to the Pacific Coast as we are moving to France in a couple weeks… goodbye Washington, we love you…

Practice being present, being thankful, being PRESENT. Find the beauty in where you already live, if it’s not right outside your door, go a little farther, if you have to walk or drive for more than 20 minutes, you are not looking hard enough : )




5 thoughts on “World’s Longest Beach

  1. So true…sometimes we live in great places like San Diego, and we don’t realize that people come from around the world to visit there. It’s easy to forget how awesome it is where you live, when you are always at a job, commuting..etc!


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