A Video of My Kideo

We can learn so much by asking questions to children– and then really listening!

In this 20 second video I ask Bitty what she likes about the beach, and her response is telling…

She likes to:

1. Build castles in the sand

2. Have fun with her mom

3. Play with Gauthier at the park

I believe that the greatest gift we can give, to others and to ourselves, is the gift of TIME. I mean really, can you remember all of the gifts you gave or received over the past 5 years? Probably not. Do you think your children can? Unlikely.

How about vacations from the past 5 years? I bet you could recall every trip you took and even details from those times- sights, smells, things you ate, etc… especially who you were with. It’s as though a change in our environment heightens our senses and memories become branded as images in our minds, the highlights of our life.

I gives me such joy to know that when my daughter thinks of being at the beach, I am in her thoughts. I want to give her the best gift I have to offer, my TIME. And quality time at that, involving attention, touch, play, laughter…

Enjoy this quick video of my kideo

Are you looking for a way to spend more time with the people you love?

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7 thoughts on “A Video of My Kideo

  1. So cute!!! You are bang on – nothing better than time. I just tried to remember any gift from the past few years…literally remember one….a set of golf clubs, lol!


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