Why Do We Give Gifts at Christmas?

For years I have struggled with the notion of gift giving at Christmas.

Even as a little girl I didn’t understand why presents under the tree merited such focus during the holidays (that’s a joke, I’m sure like all kids I was a big fan of more is more).

Ha, well anyways as an adult I’ve come to find that element of Christmas to be almost a turn off. I don’t want to be told when to buy a gift for someone, nor do I want to instill a sense of gift-entitlement to my daughter. Should kids, or anyone, expect to be unwrapping mounds of presents because of the date on the calendar? And how many times have you received a gift around the holidays, felt bad about not returning the favor, and rushed to the store in order to reciprocate?

What is Christmas all about Charlie Brown? How about ice-skating and cookie decorating and christmas caroling and finding snow and holiday parties and hot cocoa by the fireplace around the tree sharing stories and memories with the people we love?

Of course, there is great joy to be found in giving, and the holidays are the time that we are inspired and reminded to do so. Perhaps it is time to reflect on what we do and why we do it, especially when it comes to traditions that have been passed through generations and will continue after we are gone.

Let’s give gifts all year long! Gifts of love and time and memories. And when you want to buy a gift for someone, by all means, do it! And don’t put it in the closet until Christmas– Give it to them right away!

We trivialize the holidays when we turn them into a shopping spree. The spirit of giving goes beyond buying presents.

Get into the spirit of giving and GIVE YOUR PRESENCE. Get creative and wrap it up, let me know how that goes : )

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5 thoughts on “Why Do We Give Gifts at Christmas?

  1. Hmmm ,good questions! I don’t enjoy the mass spend-a-thon that many turn Xmas into; however, I do follow suit from my childhood and get the kids gifts – with one gift opened on Xmas Eve! I love that tradition. My kids are still young (5 & 3) and so it’s exciting to see them tear into their gifts. My wife and I get each other little things, and only things that are really helpful – for example, I got my wife some headphones so she can listen to her audios without headphones we stole from a flight – lol.

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  2. You pose an interesting question. :o)

    I think it is a “symbol of giving”, but it has gotten out of hand. A lot of people get STRESSED this time of the year because they are feeling obligated and then over extend themselves financially, and some even get in DEBT trying to keep up with their perceived “expectations” of being a good and caring person.


  3. great question. i don’t give lots of gifts because i suck at it. i do think holidays in general get out of hand as far as christmas. i’ve been living away from family for many years so i’ve deprived myself of family gatherings which i think is kind of good because it does get out of hand and the true meaning of certain things diminishes. i’m getting better at gift giving.. maybe.. i’m sure when we have kids i’ll get better.

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