The Long Flight to France

After a sad goodbye with my Mom and Papa, we got our bags all checked in and made our way through security and to our departure gate.

IcelandAir– where the flight attendants wear tilted hats and the Northern lights glow above the overhead compartments–Our direct flight to Reykjavik was 7.5 hours long, and we didn’t sleep at all. (that was Bitty’s idea)

Whipping winds and rain greeted us on the tarmac in Iceland, we hurried inside and through customs and just barely made our next flight to Paris.

This flight was 3.5 hours long and Bitty slept the whole way, I tried with no success.

Dogged tired in Paris we made our way on the shuttle to our terminal, 4 stops away, and then caught our flight to Bordeaux. An easy hour long flight and we arrived at our new home! Well, almost, a 30 minute drive brought us here to La Reole.

Day 1. we arrived and slept

Day 2. we slept

Day 3. Go Time!

Happy New Year and Bonne Sante


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