Two Silly Things I’ll Miss About America, Again

God Bless America–

Land of the free (well, almost, at the dollar store), and home of the brave (I would consider all Ross shoppers to be brave).

Sometimes you just gotta take a funny video of yourself, and then laugh.

Because life is short!!!! Beer is good, and people are crazy : )

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A Video of My Kideo

We can learn so much by asking questions to children– and then really listening!

In this 20 second video I ask Bitty what she likes about the beach, and her response is telling…

She likes to:

1. Build castles in the sand

2. Have fun with her mom

3. Play with Gauthier at the park

I believe that the greatest gift we can give, to others and to ourselves, is the gift of TIME. I mean really, can you remember all of the gifts you gave or received over the past 5 years? Probably not. Do you think your children can? Unlikely.

How about vacations from the past 5 years? I bet you could recall every trip you took and even details from those times- sights, smells, things you ate, etc… especially who you were with. It’s as though a change in our environment heightens our senses and memories become branded as images in our minds, the highlights of our life.

I gives me such joy to know that when my daughter thinks of being at the beach, I am in her thoughts. I want to give her the best gift I have to offer, my TIME. And quality time at that, involving attention, touch, play, laughter…

Enjoy this quick video of my kideo

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Pole Dancing Lessons

I went to bed last night with a bit of vertigo. I woke up this morning with bruises on my feet.

Welcome to the wonderful world of pole dancing!

Some girlfriends and I went to our first class last night, and found that it is no easy past-time.

There was little-to-no sexiness involved.

And I think our little group would turn a strip club into a comedy club with just a couple of dance moves.

The pole is slippery. The moves are difficult. The spins make you dizzy. Climbing seems impossible…

…We’ll be going back next week!

World’s Longest Beach

On the day after Thanksgiving, Bitty and I spent a shoeless day on the beach.

We wanted to do a little earthing even though it was very cold and the walk to the beach was rocky, ha! She is such a trooper.

Not sure when we will be back to the Pacific Coast as we are moving to France in a couple weeks… goodbye Washington, we love you…

Practice being present, being thankful, being PRESENT. Find the beauty in where you already live, if it’s not right outside your door, go a little farther, if you have to walk or drive for more than 20 minutes, you are not looking hard enough : )



Become Immortal

By telling our stories can we live forever? And should that inspire us to live a life worth telling, a BETTER story than the one we are currently living? I want to be known, by myself, by my daughter, by the earth. If you do not have any adventures to talk about, then find some! Adventure is out there : )


my story

I NEVER thought that I would be a single mom. Not for a second. Especially without ever being pregnant!!

But I am.
And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

My daughter and I love to travel and have been doing so for over a year now.

Our last adventure was in south and central America– a great lesson in the Latin culture and languages, of surfing and wildlife : ) Next month we will be moving to France to begin a NEW ADVENTURE…!

I am blessed to be where I am today, but the path was NOT easy…

After graduating from the University of Washington I became a teacher only to learn that I DIDN’T LIKE IT.

I GOT MARRIED and quit teaching when I found a high paying job in timeshare SALES. I did very well and we took vacations and bought lots of STUFF to fill our homes. From the outside we appeared to be the PERFECT couple with the perfect life- cruising along the path of the “American Dream.”

And then my little brother DIED.

HE WAS 23. Happy.

He was my best friend.

And then he was gone.

I was angry. My last trip to see my brother had been just several WEEKS before his death. My vacation request was not approved so I LIED and called in sick.

HAD I NOT LIED I WOULD NOT HAVE SEEN HIM that last time— How was that right?!? I promised myself that I would never again hold a JOB that required me to COMPROMISE my values.

Following my brother’s death, I lived in a daze, did the motions: went to work, went home, struggled sleeping, struggled waking, back to work. When my husband’s dad died I had only my grief to offer him.

We stayed busy and guarded to numb the pain of our loss.

My marriage FELL APART.

Leaving was the hardest.


I missed my old life but I suddenly felt free, less encumbered by MATERIAL THINGS, like a weight had been lifted.

I rented a cabin near a ski resort and spent a season as a HITCH-HIKING SKI BUM. Then I moved to a beach and worked as a KAYAK tour guide, riding my bike to work. MY LIFE WAS SIMPLE. And good.

Something all at once AWFUL and WONDERFUL


A year prior, my baby sister had a baby, and after struggling to be a good mom, it became clear that someone would need to step in.
There was no vote, no council meeting, no planning.


And I wasn’t prepared- Not at all. It was SO HARD.
In a flash my life went from simple to utterly complicated.

I got back into sales for a Laser Hair Removal company, found a daycare for my daughter, and was suddenly a single mother working full time.

I was once again in the high risk game of sacrificing time for money, often being required to stay late at work and scrambling to make arrangements for my child.


Up and out early, to daycare, to work, rush back to daycare, make dinner, eat dinner, clean up dinner, get ready for bed, go to bed, repeat.

IS THAT WHY WE WORK?? To repeat that SAME cycle in a FLASHIER car or a FANCIER house or a BIGGER kitchen to clean up after the SAME dinner we rushed to make, for the people we get no time with?


My DAUGHTER gave me the greatest gift. In my heart was a brother shaped hole, but the love that grew for her left no space unfilled, and the pain of my brothers death became a place where I fiercely hold on to his memory.

And I am reminded that LIFE IS PRECIOUS.

I will not waste this precious life following someone else’s dream.

I believe in FREEDOM.

Freedom to live a life of adventure, to spend my daughter’s childhood years WITH HER, not working 8-10 hours a day while someone else watches her grow. I want to TEACH her the value of time, of making the most of it, of educating ourselves by seeing and touching and feeling the WORLD around us.


I had heard of blogging and people working from their laptops while they traveled, but had never really looked into it because before having a kid I didn’t feel like the gypsy life required a plan : )

But you can’t really up and leave the country WITH A CHILD without having a means of making money : ) And so I needed to find a way to generate an income online while traveling.

And I FOUND one. All I needed was a computer, a dream, and the determination to work for it. I can follow instructions, and I was provided with easy steps to create an online business.

Now we travel. We explore our WORLD. We swim with turtles, we soak in thermal baths, I get to watch my daughter play with kids from around the world, communicating in smiles and laughter.

IMAGINE YOURSELF, sitting on a beach, the warmth of a setting sun on your skin, your child splashing in the waves, birds fly overhead, you take a deep breath as peace floods your being. The choices you made brought you here–
The DECISION to follow your DREAMS

While we have LIFE, let us LIVE!

For YOU, TODAY could be the day when EVERYTHING CHANGED.

Check out what I have found. Give yourself a chance at another kind of life.

I would love to communicate with you personally to discuss your dream, message me if you are interested.

Talk to you soon!
Melissa Newell